Plangram for iOS

Share and make plans via Instagram Direct

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After months of hard work, @mrtnmatt and I are happy to share with you Plangram. We are happy to answer any questions you have here and via Twitter. We believe we've found a new way for people to share and make plans via Instagram Direct. Go take it for a spin!
@notrab Hey, really nice. Well done to the team! A few coffee-induced thoughts: 1. I know it's online, but can you send your own Plangram today to invite people to to see you? Might be a nice way to promote and share the product and Product Hunt at the same time through Instagram. 2. Could you add a link in the app to be posted as first comment with photo. This could be used to click to raise money/pay/support for your dinner party/event/meetup, etc. Like a cashtags link 3. Could you add a link in app to be posted as first comment with a precise clickable location. 4. Could be really nice for artists to invite people to their gallery openings, with a series of Plangrams with their paintings. All the best!
@prattarazzi Hi Eddie. Thanks so much for your kind words and feedback. We've already had a lot of feedback and because so many people love the idea, we've had a load of suggestions we've had to cut from the initial release. I'm going to discuss your points with the team and hopefully the ones which we can get to users quickly will see it in the next few updates. Although it's aimed for using with Instagram Direct, I can't wait to see what users create with it! πŸ‘πŸ»
@prattarazzi Great feedback! Specially the ideas behind the links, I think it would make Plangram be super useful for organizers! @notrab What about starting simply with a link for RSVP - for me it seem the first essential info for event planners? I am on android, so I can wait for your Android version! :) Is it coming soon? Best,
@ajdemello @notrab Hi. We're discussing the ideas by @prattarazzi and Plangram came from a simple idea we had a while back around short links and RSVP. We'll see where things take us. As for Android, we're wanting to see how well our iOS users enjoy the app and we'll look to expanding to the Play Store. Thanks for your feedback πŸ˜€
Haven't gone through the full funnel yet because I truly have nothing to post, but from the initial UI, the simplicity is amazing, color scheme is really nice and the subtle animations are delightful. Killer job. Love it.
@imcatnoone Thanks. Credit goes to @mrtnmatt for the super slick looking design. Let us know once you have something to plan and let us know how the full experience was for you. I'm organising a coffee morning with friends tomorrow via Plangram 😏
Very clever! Well done @notrab @mrtnmatt. Looking forward to using this.
@dylanlacom Please let @mrtnmatt and I know your thoughts and any feedback while using the app. I'm excited to see how you use it πŸ˜€
Neat little hack :)
@gabriel_whaley Thanks for your comments πŸ‘Œ
Awesome feature! Great job with the UI! Wouldn't be surprised if Instagram acquires you :) Two things that could make things smoother: 1) instead of manually inputting the time, it could be "tap then scroll to select the hour" 2) the "share on instagram" button is scary. I don't know if the app is going to Instagram Direct all my followers or it will allow me to manually select them before sending. Couldn't press that button to continue!
@krmneimneh Thanks for your kind feedback. We're in the process of working on a few bug fixes and improvements. The time for the event is something we're really interested to change but being such a small team we have to prioritise our goals as we grow. If you have any other comments or feedback, it is more than appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to hunt us! (if you did πŸ˜€)