Planet Money - 669: A or B

Planet Money A/B tests an ep about A/B testing

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Episode description: "These days A/B testing is everywhere. It's shaped almost every website, some stores and even some school lessons. Today, the most meta episode ever. Planet Money A/B tests a show about A/B testing."
This was really interesting! It's really the perfect primer for what A/B testing is. I imagine Poduct Hunt could capture similar data and offer this as a service if they wanted to.
@rometty_ I know "Poduct Hunt" is a misspelling, but Poduct Hunt would be a cool name for this section of PH ;-) thoughts, @alexcartaz & @rrhoover?
@mattcwill hahaha oops! 😘
Had no idea the NPR One app was gathering data and A/B testing. Super cool.