Planet Labs

The most current images of our entire Earth.

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Jonathan Howard
Jonathan HowardHunterHiring@staringispolite · Part-time CMO and startup advisor
Met the founder a few weeks back very briefly. They have tons of satellites already live in orbit, taking the most up-to-date imagery of the entire Earth. (Governments have more up-to-date imagery of not-the-entire-Earth, and Maps applications have the entire Earth, but on a multi-year lag). They want near-live imagery of the whole Earth, with tons of applications for researchers and apps. Their resolution is impressive given the scale of their efforts: something like 3m per pixel. Enough to make out vehicles. Not individual people, but enough to see their movement, especially in groups. Signed up for early API access to see what comes of it. Pretty neat stuff.
Dan Kaplan
Dan Kaplan@dankaplan · I craft stories that break through.
@staringispolite Love this company. Their ambition and their tech are both outstanding.