Plane Finder

Track real-time air traffic worldwide

Become an aviation buff with this fun and intelligent tool. Use your camera device with AR to scan a plane above you and play-back journeys to 2011. The app tracks thousands of planes in real-time anywhere around the world - you can find live airport departures, as well as see the effects of delays, diversions, weather concerns and major incidents.

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Lee Armstrong
Leeanna Faulkner
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    It's fun, exciting and always advancing with new innovative fetaures


    You want to use it all the time!

    Plane Finder is the perfect app for anyone interested in live air traffic. Whether your intrigued where the plane above you is heading to, you want to track your friend's journey, you're a journalist and want see the effects of a major storm, or you're passionate about planes and love to widen your knowledge - this app is an essential tool for almost everyone.

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Aleksander Skjoelsvik
Aleksander Skjoelsvik@alekplay · I like making things
How is this different from/ better than FlightRadar24?
Lee Armstrong
Lee Armstrong@lesmond · CTO, Plane Finder
@alekplay Very similar actually and started around the same sort of time. We like to focus on quality of the product from our apps to our UK designed and built receivers as well. We also like to be "tech pioneers" that a lot of other apps then implement. We were first with an iOS app, Augmented Reality & also a 3D view!
Jim Zhou
Jim Zhou@jim_zhou · semi-professional bingoist
What's the difference between this product and other ADS-B information visualizers like flightradar24 or flightairmap or radarbox24?
Lee Armstrong
Lee Armstrong@lesmond · CTO, Plane Finder
@jim_zhou We have our own network of receivers and some of those you mention do not! This gives us control over quality. We are a small team based in the UK and were the first ADS-B flight tracker on iOS. We also have a new 3D version worth checking out too
Jim Zhou
Jim Zhou@jim_zhou · semi-professional bingoist
@lesmond Cool stuff, haven't seen the 3D version and will give it a go
Raffi Muradyan
Raffi Muradyan@raffi_muradyan · B2B Marketing Manager
can be useful