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Hi Guys, I am the CTO at Plane Finder. We are a tiny team of 4 people with a shared passion for all things Aviation and Maritime. We built the Plane Finder and Ship Finder apps back in 2009 to help us with our hobbies and were the first to bring live Plane and Ship tracking to the iPhone and iPad. This is great timing and today we released a new version with Playback! You can now jump back in time and view flights back to 2011! This has been our favourite release yet as well and seems like everyone is liking it so far too! ( :-) Thanks for the link! Lee
@lesmond The jump back feature is a really cool idea.
@AnujAdhiya Thanks! It has been a long term goal of ours for a AGES actually. We created the app back in 2009 and so this was one of the major features we wanted to do. Only now has tech really enabled us to do this!
For a long time, I thought that this is a super niche app(still think so). Recently I've found an entertaining use for myself. I was chilling in Hyde Park the other day, launched the app and its AR mode... It completely transformed my chilling. Now I was feeling that I have superpowers of knowing what's going on in the sky. I knew flight info about each plane above me. The flight stats were mindblowing; so much to learn about air traffic. I know it sounds silly, but the feeling of knowing is something special ;) We've made a game "Guess where the place is coming from" straightaway.
@nikitakorotaev Wow, had no idea apps like this existed!
@nikitakorotaev There was actually a cartoon done in the Guardian a few years ago to do with this! Probably was sitting in Hyde Park too when the artist thought of it! EDIT - Found the link
I've loved Plane Finder for some time now Lee, well done!
@paulfisher Thanks Paul, it's really great to hear this sort of thing from people.

I absolutely love this app for work and in my personal time. As a journalist I can track all flights and see effects of delays, storms, major incidents, air strikes and ash clouds. It is a great tool for fact checking and adding another level to content.

In my spare time, I also love tracking the planes flying above me and monitoring air traffic when I, or my friends and family, go on holiday.

I highly recommend the app - which can be easily be tailored to your preferences with filters and features.


Always adding new innovative features


I can't stop using it when I'm off on my holidays!