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We're excited to share this with you on PH! Plane has been steadily building a community in Scandinavia and now its time to take off properly. Plane is a new way to swap messages and have convos with people all over the world. We've taken a non-superficial approach to social icebreaking, meaning our experience is more about how you see the world as opposed to what you look like. Users share 'Signals' that last for 24hours, get responses and then break the ice. Take it one step further with a 1-2-1 Convo chat and then swap Social Cards. We hope you enjoy it and I'd love to chat with anyone who has questions. Thanks, Tim.
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@darlingdash what specific use cases can you see Plane being really useful?
@danielkolodziej thanks for the question. We've trialled Plane with a lot of expats in Copenhagen over the last few months and they found that sharing knowledge and asking for tips on the practical things like apartments, travel and where to eat was really valuable.
@darlingdash Sounds neat, do you see the expat angle as your early adopter use-case? Having lived in various cities I can see the value in a tool specifically for ice-breaking for folks new to a place.
@joisig Thanks Jói. The expat angle was certainly the focus for the early adopters in Scandinavia. Though what we realised was there is a real value in connecting the locals + expats. It's also increasingly apparent the definition of an 'expat' is changing. We want to work closely alongside our users and understand where they see the most value. And the reason we rolled out 'City Filters' was exactly for a more specific focus on people arriving and living in a new city. Thanks for a great question and I hope you enjoy using Plane :)
@darlingdash love the design. Curious to know, what's the thinking behind expiring the messages after 24 hours?
Seems really neat! Do you have plans to expand to android in the near future? #androidusersneedicebreakers
@haukursteinn Hi Haukur. We're really excited about the Android version. It's been a case of building with what we know best to start. But sure, stay tuned :)
@haukursteinn most definitely on the roadmap.
@darlingdash @haukursteinn Tim, if you'd like to chat further about Android plans, I'd love to connect and learn more. Congratulations on the launch!
Like a friendlier yikyak
Hi Tim - very good product and very good approach for the expat! But because it's a consumer app you need users, because it's geolocated, you need people in the SAME place, and because messages delete itself after 24h you need also people at the SAME time. Don't you think it's going to be a very difficult to get users in the same place and at the same time? If no what would be your acquisition strategy?
@david770 Thanks for the question. I can see that with your work on Tack we probably share some similar trains of thought in terms of building an experience. We've seen with the early user group that the 24hr time was more than sufficient for people to connect on a particular topic. Of course, there will be some you miss but that is the nature of connecting with people and we wanted to consider that in the product. In terms of the locations, being able to jump between the City you're in and also jump into the Global Feed gives people the opportunity to break the ice with folks in their city and also on the other side of the world. You don't have to be in the same place at the same time to make a connection on Plane. Thanks again for reaching out.
@darlingdash yes indeed for full disclosure I have the same kind of probelmatic to solve this issue of local communication. Very good product again!
Rad! Excited to see the Denver community grow. Experience was super smooth for me! 🙌
@ellen_jantsch that's great to hear. Thanks Ellen!