Collaborative account management

We're a software development team based in the U.K. We decided that we needed to increase sales with our existing customers as well as generate new leads so we took an agile approach to account management. We created an excel spreadsheet for each of our customers and asked them to populate it with their pains and feature requests. What we found was that the roadmap formed an agenda for each of our monthly calls and it stopped our customers from hiding any pains from us. We outgrew spreadsheets and Planahead was born :) If you have any questions about the product, the design or the process please get in touch. We write about using roadmaps as a selling tool in our blog:
This is cool. Paul and Sam showed this to me a few weeks back and it makes a lot of sense. Many companies are continually looking for _new_ business, when in fact they're probably unaware of how much more they can sell to their existing client base. A tool like Planahead brings this to the surface. If I was in the agency game I'd definitely be giving this a try.
@fredrivett Thanks Fred, appreciate your comments
Very nice product and interesting approach to AM. My only concern is that I can probably use Trello to organize exactly the same process.
@lucakorol great comment, we actually started our account management process using a hybrid of Google Docs & Trello. This was our MVP of what is now Planahead. We invited clients and over a couple of months discovered a number of issues with the way people were using Trello / GD. So we developed Planahead. We knew the process worked and needed a tool to deliver. Every sprint we are reviewing how to add more account management functionality to Planahead and recent changes have included a visualiser to see the likely timescales and investment required against estimates and the cards based interface for easier prioritisation. This makes decision making easier for our clients when approving new work. I guess the biggest difference between Trello and Planahead is that we are focussed solely on account management. Hope that helps.