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#2 Product of the DayOctober 16, 2018

Two years ago, the Planable team set off with a big mission: to help agencies and brand teams collaborate better. Faster. More visual. Today, Planable is everything social media teams need to move their creative processes forward.We are happy to announce that we’re now upgrading the way teams collaborate on social media content with our mobile app.

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Hey PH community, we’re so excited to be back here. I’m Xenia, CEO @ Planable - I’m here to any answer question you have about Planable, Instagram scheduling, and our latest mobile app. We’re here to help social media teams create better content, together. Our mobile app allows you to: - publish Instagram posts by receiving a push notification on your mobile device - see how the content looks like before publishing in mobile view - review content on-the-go and approve it with one tap from anywhere This amazing launch would’ve never been possible without our genius product team - @nicu_barbaros, @ecto_morpheus, @nick_gudumac. We’d love to hear your feedback: comment below or you can tweet us @planableapp
Congrats, @xenia_muntean! The app looks great
@xenia_muntean Looking forward to using the app! Are you able to create the posts themselves in the app or do you have to create the posts on the website?
@codylynn33 great question! Currently, you'll have to create the posts in our desktop app, but soon we plan to implement a creation process for the posts so you'll be able to do the same from the mobile app.
@nicu_barbaros @ecto_morpheus @nick_gudumac @planableapp @xenia_muntean Planable looks dope. Few thoughts if you are planning to do B2B sales : a) Target recently funded companies. Since a company has raised funding it will spend considerable amount of money on social media. Hence, it will make sense for them to use Planable. b) Target companies who are hiring for social media manager. Since these companies are hiring for social media, it means they are willing to spend money on social media that is why hiring for this role.

Finally the team at Planable finally released their long awaited mobile app so SM teams can review and approve on the go. If you're in the digital field you should definitely give it a try!


All your SM platforms in one place, now on the go with their great app


None so far

Congrats, guys 👊
@adinajipa you rock! thank you 🙏

An app that saves you a lot of time. I like how easy is now to appove a post.


An app that saves you a lot of time.



Planable is just great! Using it for a few months now already. Finaly, there is the app! :) I can´t wait for more features just like posting out of your app and so on.

Great job guys, keep up the good work!


It´s planable!


I am missing a few features