We all have in mind at least one social media brand fail. Social media teams are a mess because collaboration is hard. The best social campaigns are built by teams who focus on great storytelling. Planable is designed to liberate social media teams from tedious drudgery, allowing them to work together to produce great content on social media.

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Hey, Product Hunt. Thank you so much, Murat, for hunting us! Planable co-founder here. We started Planable out of our own need for better social media collaboration. Every single social media project we were ever involved was complete chaos in terms of collaboration. We were using spreadsheets for social media content review, PowerPoints for showcasing content to clients, Dropbox or G Drive for transferring files, fake Facebook pages for previewing content, Buffer or Hootsuite for scheduling it once it was approved. This mishmash of tools was confusing. Feedback was scattered across back and forth emails. And the exercise of imagining how a carousel or link post is going to look like after publishing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn was simply frustrating. We think great social content is created by teams who are aligned and we help them easily do that. We built Planable to bring team members, clients and social content on the same page for better, faster brand storytelling. Once you check it, you'll realize how simple the app is. As of now with Planable you can have: - Your social content in the same place, perfectly organized and visually rich - Preview the content exactly like it would look after publishing so no misunderstandings can happen - Feedback exchange and real-time iteration - Approvals, with one single click, dead simple - Schedule, to all your social pages Would love to hear your thoughts! P.S. We’re offering 3 months free for our favorite PH supporters with promo code - PlanablePH
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@xeniamuntean this is excellent. makes social media campaign managing SO much easier.
@ryan_severus_chin 😍 love your thoughts!
Great idea, well designed user experience. I like the whole approach and can't wait to use it to manage one of our own products. Kudos to you! 🎉
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@preist thank you for all the support, man!

I've used this for some time and love the platform. It's simple to use and has been expanded to cover all the main social channels we manage for clients.


Great system and perfect for sharing with clients before publishing content on social channels.


None so far.

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Hey, James! Great to see your review! Thank you for being with us for the past year, you are the best!
One year? How long has this product been available for?

If you are one of the 65 million people with a Facebook page for your business or you are managing some of them, Planable is a must-know online tool for managing your social media channels and keep in touch with the client as well.

Even though for many businesses, managing a social media page is like a daunting task and they hire an agency, most of the times the feedback is still needed: to make sure that their identity is there or just to keep an eye on the timeline. Planable managed to merge the perfect UI/UX with the content management and the client feedback in a very easy to use manner and the whole process is way more efficient and fast.


The best way to keep in touch with your client and to organise your content!

You need to know it if you're a social media manager/agency!


No cons for now.

Such a great tool - finally one product to combine everything you need to plan and post across a variety of social media channels!
@valentina_milanova you are the best! Thank you for your feedback!