Plan Your Website

The 10 step guide to an online strategy that get's results

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I'm biased because I wrote it but the reason was to help the hundreds of business owners that were coming to me asking for help after they had paid for a website that was not doing what they wanted. I've seen so many people suffer because they didn't know the right questions to ask before they had a website built so I wrote this book in the hope it can save just one person from making the same mistakes that I have seen over and over again. Please consider sharing this if you know someone who needs a website or has one that is not serving them as well as it should.
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Steve's book is amazing. This is a must for anyone in the online business space... which should be everyone.
@akingcreative Thank you Alex, I really appreciate your comment x
Being Steve's friend, I am being a little biased, but this book has genuinely helped me polish up my web development skills and running other ventures online. It had not only reinstated some of the best ways to catalyze your online presence, but it had also taught me a lot of things I will forever be thankful for. This book was also fun to read as it was engaging and practical. Thank you again Steve and keep it up! Steve, congratulations once again on hitting many of your milestones thus far, your story alone does not make you an incredible person but everything you have achieved. Finally, congratulations on being top on Product Hunt :)
@dilyaraskar Thank you for introducing me to Product hunt and also for your help in getting setup. I really appreciate you and everything you have done. Your an awesome friend and always giving so much value in every community I see. Keep up the amazing work. Thanks for voting for I really appreciate that as well.
Amazing work Steve! In line with a great community X!
@rdiazjimenez Thank you Ricardo. Really appreciate the comment and I agree it's an awesome community. Blessed to be part of it.
@stevewoody82 has nailed it with his new book "Plan Your Website". It should be "required reading" before anyone is allowed to inflict the internet with another web site. There are so many unplanned websites wandering aimlessly about in the ether - with no where to go because there was no plan in place before they were constructed. You wouldn't build a house without a plan - you shouldn't waste your time and money building a website without a plan.
@dougwatt I think you just won the internet today with your comment. Well you did in my eyes. Thank you for the awesome feedback. Would love to feature this if you don't mind.
@stevewoody82 Sure, Steve. Anything to help. I've really appreciated your book and your helpful involvement in the X-Theme Facebook group. :-)