Plan-It Dinner

Makes cooking at home so easy with weekly menus and recipes

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Personalize your weekly menu with your family’s preferences. Spend less time in the supermarket with printable grocery list. Custom recipes - each Friday on your email.

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  • Pros: 

    Easy to use, fast loading website


    Offline grocery list app, add features, related to diet management, maybe include API for grocery delivery

    Plan-It Dinner emails subscribers a weekly menu with recipes that can be customized and organized grocery list.


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Tkachenko Arthur 🇺🇦Hunter@arthur_tkachenko
Time saver for busy moms
Brad Ungar@bradungar · Vice President, Greenly
Tkachenko Arthur 🇺🇦Hunter@arthur_tkachenko
@bradungar For sure! It also can be good for couples. I'm always getting hungry, when I saw this recipes