An encrypted online planner powered by Blockstack

PLAiV /PLAN/ is perfect for those who like to note down tasks on daily basis.
- Simple user interface
- All your data is ENCRYPTED (you can write down sensitive information without afraid of data breach)
- Unlimited storage (Endless space for tasks)
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Looks great! Nice work on this. Do you see this as something that could eventually be integrated into existing calendars or something that is more of a replacement?
@jehunter5811 Thank you. That's good point. I actually never thought of this. The next feature I was going to implement was computer/browser notification but since data is all encrypted, I'm still trying to think of a way to do it When you say existing calendars, do you mean Google Calendar / Outlook calendar where there are task and events? I think my application is somewhat different in a way that it's simpler and more task-focus. For me I used Outlook calendar more on events reminder, but not tasks like "do homework", "wash dishes". My app will be serving the latter purpose. I thought of this as a "digital" version of the paper planner that students use (since I just recently graduated from college).
Please let me know if you have any comments/critics. All opinions are welcomed. This app was developed based on my needs since I like to take notes of what I need to do every day, and I wanted to create something simple just to serve that purpose.
Good for planning
Upvote already Ha !
Good job πŸ‘