Plain Clip

Remove the formatting from copied text.

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Would be great if you could replace the original Shift + Option + Cmd + V shortcut with your extra features.
@bulygind So many of us are prone to use this when copypastaing through our workflow. Therefore, this feature is a must.
I've been using clip menu which does that and more!
@supermombartz First thing I install on a fresh computer.
@ohadisohad @supermombartz Just downloaded! Love the snippets feature. Have you guys found anything else even better? Streak CRM has some cool ones where you can literally type any command, ex. S1 and a snippet of text will appear...
Why not just CMD+SHIFT+V?
Was going to hunt FormatMatch, which is what I've been using to strip the format from text for years... But looks like it's not available anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ On the plus side, I just downloaded Plain Clip and it works great! I like that it can just be on in the background, and you can choose when to remove the formatting.
@nivo0o0 looks like a handy app—I end up stripping formatting all the time! Out of interest, how does it differ from a regular 'Paste Without Formatting' key combos on the Mac? Other than probably working better :D
@jakeapeters I never remember the shortcut for that, but good point... Now that I'm looking at it through (and per the product image) there is a "automatically clear formatting" option -- which is like what I had when using FormatMatch -- which is quite useful depending on the task that you're doing. It's a small mac app in the background, useful to have imo 💁
@nivo0o0 you can set your own combo in Settings > Keyboard I think 😁 But I still think this app's great—doesn't take up much space, don't need to think about it.
So cool! I use Command + Alt + Shift + V, but this rocks!