Tinder for email

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Everyone's trying to make email better. It seems to be one of the more populated and popular types of products we see on Product Hunt. I like the simplicity of this, although I'm so invested in Gmail (contacts, tags, habits in how I process my email) that it's hard to switch to something new.
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@rrhoover are you ok to share some of your habits? If they are general enough they could appear in the app! I've actually played with google contacts integration but felt it is an unnecessary complication for the prototype.
Interesting. Brainstormed around this idea a while back.
Very interesting product. I have been searching for a great email management tool and I deeply miss Mailbox. It seems like this prototype takes the good of Mailbox and improves further.
Good idea but like @rrhoover I'm already invested in Gmail so it's going to be hard to switch over
Seems really useful. The question now is: Will I stick to it? Stay tuned..... Upvote for sure!