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PlagiaShields helps brands and digital agencies protect one of their best assets: written content.
Add your domain URL, and the SEO tool will find all potential thefts.
Quickly identify the fraudulent domains and use our tailored templates to get rid of them.
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Hey Product Hunt! 👋 I’m excited to officially launch PlagiaShield with you today. I hope it will help you protect all the written content you publish on the site you own or manage. With the free plan, you can do a full plagiarism check of your website, up to 500 monitored pages. I look forward to hearing your feedback. 1️⃣ How did I start PlagiaShield? I first built PlagiaShield to help a friend. 🤝 Last year, his website traffic sank right after a Google algorithm update. He quickly realized his content was all over the web. Unique content is essential to ranking well so many of his high-quality blog posts went from 1st to 7th position. It was overwhelming, outrageous, and disgusting. Our stomach hurt. So much work. So many years invested in SEO and in hiring pro writers to publish useful articles. To start solving this huge problem and get part of his traffic back, he had to tell Google about the pages infringing his copyrights, using the Google Search Console form (DMCA) made for that exact purpose. I first built a program that just provided him with a huge list of potential thefts. It was rudimentary but helped him a lot. That's how PlagiaShield started. There are a lot of online plagiarism checkers, paid and free. But none of them allow SEO professionals to find content thefts and to get rid of them in a productive manner. In particular when you have to do that at scale. 2️⃣ How does PlagiaShield work? 💻 You enter your domain URL. 🔍 It scans your site and looks for potential thefts on the web for each of your articles. ⏱ You get the first results within a minute. The full duration depends on your website size. 👉PlagiaShield gives you context to help you quickly identify who is a thief and who is not. 📨 You use the prepared template to ask fraudulent domain owners to delete the problematic pages. 📜 You use our prepared DMCAs to ask Google to de-index the URLS stealing your content. 🥇Expect better rankings. 3️⃣ Who is PlagiaShield for? 👩‍💻 SEO professionals in digital agencies and in-house marketing teams. PlagiaShield gives them competitive advantage by ensuring the content they invested in remains unique. The paid plans include a weekly plagiarism site check. This means they get rid of infringing pages on a regular basis before it hurts their rankings. 4️⃣ Any special gift for the launch? Apart from the free plan, if you are interested in scanning many websites or large ones, I prepared a promo code 💸 (valid today and tomorrow) for fellow hunters. Simply enter the coupon PRODUCTHUNT at checkout to get 50% on any plan, applied every month during one year. I thank you all in advance for your feedback. 🙏 Thanks for reading.
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Great product demo! On the free plan, can I do unlimited scans on the same domain over time or would that require the pro plan?
@ericahal Thank you Erica! The free plan only performs one scan. The paid plans give you a weekly scan for each domain. The number of domains you can add depends on your plan: 5 (starter), 50 (pro) or unlimited (premium).
This is really a great tool. Easy to use, and very useful. Thanks Jeremy
Hi Jeremy, the world sure is an unfair place at times. Thanks for making a product to help people protect their assets! I've put together a few thoughts on the landing page, and how you could perhaps boost signups :) You can find the feedback here - Congrats again for launching your product and wish you the very best 😄
@christian_piponides Thank you very much for the feedback! I plan on showing more of the product to visitors through screenshots and recorded demo. It will help them better understand what they would do within the app.
This looks great and very simple to use but I’d love to see some industry comparisons how common plagiarism really is, especially amongst smaller niche sites?
@kruksharita Thank you Kruk! You read my mind. Yes I plan on doing this exact study by comparing different industries. We will sure see major differences. I can confirm from experience that niche sites get copied too. If they published quality content and got good SEO results then they most likely got plagiarized. The goal for PlagiaShield in the months to come is to be able to go beyond experience, designing and publishing a rigourous study.