Revolutionizing the way information is spread

Plag (link is the information network. Here, at Plag we are working on a bold and ambitious project — to improve the way information spreads. We are trying to go beyond the logic of conventional social networks and traditional ways to connect the audience with information. Life is complicated enough so our latest update is all about simplicity. Earlier, we dropped (link two letters from our name, and became Plag**. Today, we dropped the asterisks. It’s clearer and simpler now, just like the rest of the interface. We rearranged the dashboard and streamlined the card design. We introduced more effective highlights for unread comments and a fast actions menu for users on an iPhone 6S or 6S plus. In short: It has become much easier to keep an overview of things. Plag is rapidly improving under the hood. Whenever you post a card, it tries to identify people who could be interested in your story and serve them first. Plag learned to understand which languages users speak and connect them to people who understand them. It has also learned to speak German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Norwegian, Lithuanian, and Turkish. Even as it grows and becomes more versatile, the user experience of Plag remains simple.
Hey @eliaszudin Are the marks on the map meant to look like blood splatters?
@jacqvon hey, like infection points mostly.
It took me a minute to get the pronunciation of Plag, but a cleaver idea!
Plag (Plague) has been around for a very long time, really interesting it has just been hunted. Loving the idea of seeing your content spread across the planet!
I remember using Plag(ue) just 1 year ago! It was so addictive... Reinstalling it right now ;) Good job Plag!