Dope backgrounds for your video selfies

Placr is a mobile app that uses neural networks to change a background of your video selfies in real-time.

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@chrismessina, thanks for hunting us! Hello Product Hunters! Placr CEO here 👋. We are super excited to show you what we've been working on. In Spring, 2016 we came out with an idea of Placr, a fun mobile app that would let users to change backgrounds of their video selfies in real-time. We wanted to let people place themselves wherever they want. As it often happens, it was just an idea and nothing more. 2 years later, we decided to finally give it a go. We challenged ourselves to ship it within a month. And after 4 weeks of hard work our MVP is here :). Our team is happy that we managed to coincide the Placr launch with the beginning of the 21st FIFA World Cup that is taking place in Russia this year. Being HUGE soccer fans ourselves, we added a whole bunch of backgrounds for every country that participates in this tournament. Hope you guys like it! It's just a beginning of our journey at Placr. We will continue improving the app, making it more accurate, adding new features and creating awesome backgrounds. We'd love for you to try it out and let us know what you think. Feel free to send us any questions you may have about the product, the team, the idea - or anything, really! Any feedback is much appreciated!
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@chrismessina @afanasiy I like that you've included World Cup backgrounds - perfect timing ⚽️
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@abadesi thank you! What team do you support? ˆˆ
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@afanasiy I can't decide was supporting 🇳🇬 ofc but maybe 🇩🇪 too? Hbu?
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@abadesi as a true Siberian I support my motherland Russia :).
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It's like a mobile green screen. Congrats on 🚀, @dibsonthecheese and team.
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@rrhoover thank you for your feedback! Hope you liked our Product Hunt background :)
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@rrhoover Thanks! Awesome that you liked it 😊
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Great product son. Don't forget about your grad school
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@petrkrivoshapkin Petr Petrovich, thanks! Startup is better than MBA, trust me :). Привет Валентине Егоровне!
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excelent prospects


real fun


some interface

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Thank you! Glad you liked it :)
thanks for the feedback!