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As far as I know, WordPress is a perfect platform for building a website for realtors and real estate agencies. Here is a great resource of cool realtor wordpress themes . These themes include amazing features such as property listings, maps to show locations, galleries to show images, and many other great tools.
@miranda_right Yes, WordPress does seem to dominate the sector but there are a lot of problems with using WordPress for real estate websites. There is room for an open source solution specifically targeting this sector to disrupt the market. Pssst, don't tell anyone but that is actually what I'm working on right now ;)
@miranda_right Code Canyon is also great for Wordpress themes. I used EstateVue for my website and they found me a theme that works great, and it wasn't even a Realtor theme, they just turned it into one, which was great cause I wasn't just limited to realtor based themes.
There are several long term players in this niche. I wonder what's different? IDX fees I would assume are additional which some players seem to have 'bulk' rates due to volume with certain MLS services.