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#2 Product of the WeekJuly 04, 2016
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Hi everyone! This is made specifically for iPhone and Android. So open it in your browser there and walk around your city and find a nice spot to work on your laptop :)
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@levelsio great work! Wondering what's the reasoning behind making this a mobile website instead of app? Just curious.
@hungrycharles people hardly install more than 10 core apps I think (and data shows), so I believe the web long-term has higher odds to succeed than native.
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@levelsio cool idea. Are the wifi enabled locations crowd sourced?
@sasajeev yes, from 6 different sites
Awesome concept!! I wish I had this a year ago! Haha... πŸœπŸ’»
@levelsio you should add Breathers ;) cc @julien
doesn't work. when you load a page, maps doesn't centering to your location, and when there are no places near you, no messages alerting etc. You should just wait when map will be loaded, and then silence
@platonenkonik Try another browser, works fine with me.
@michaelcunner I'm using Safari on my mac, and I don't want install any other browsers, if you don't support any browsers just make alert about it. Now, when I'm scrolling map and go to other place, I couldn't see anything, because it doesn't update. everything I see
@platonenkonik @michaelcunner Sorry about that, did you allow your location to be shared? You might have to enable that. Otherwise, enter a city at the top to browse there.
@levelsio @michaelcunner yep, sure I have allowed location for today. BTW Idea is really great. I have upvoted you. hope it is local bug, and you will fix it in the nearest time =)
Thanks @levelsio. Awesome seeing new people discovering great spaces to get work done! If any new friends out there want an invite to the Workfrom slack, hit me up with your Workfrom profile url! e.g.