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I put this together the other night. It's a placeholder service with a bunch of pretty nouns (people, places, things). Powered by imgix, with lots of photos from Unsplash.
@paulstraw This looks fantastic, now how this code entered?! I think "random=hello" isn't HTML so it looks like it's only for people who write more advanced code, many who could make use of this don't code at all. Lorem Pixel suggests it is HTML but I would have thought the image URL end in an image filename.
@ianmayman Just added some examples in the documentation: https://placem.at/. I also added a link to the Wikipedia entry on query strings, but I'll link it here as well in case you're interested. http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index....
This is awesome Paul. I often use unsplash.it for quick placeholder images, and this is like that on steroids. Love that it has the custom text on overlay & image filters very cool πŸ‘
Nice! I normally use http://lorempixel.com/ or better inline JS so theres not even a request xD https://imsky.github.io/holder/
@deambulando Totally! Those are both great tools, I just saw this domain was available and had to make something with it. 😁
I love the honest slogan. I'm going to try it out today :)
This is great! I'm going to use it right away on my little side project.