Share, control, and keep on Plaaying music on your Mac.

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What a gorgeous beauty of a Mac music player and sharer! Just the thing you need when you've got to switch between iTunes, Rdio and Spotify and want to share what you're pla(a)ying. Nice!
@t55 Much appreciated - super stoked!
Plaaying 1.0.1 is live. Here are the release notes. FUNCTIONALITY - We have made “unpinning” the app from the menu bar consistent. You can no longer drag it out, but you can unpin both standard AND Mini design! - Change your media source right from the gear menu - Better Beats 1 support - Lyric button only active for music - Previous button matches functionality of iTunes - Spotify intermission and timeline is working as expected - Due to a change in Spotify all pauses will result in intermission (option click pause - does not work when using Spotify) VISUAL - Updated App icon (very minor) - Updated Dock timer icon (very minor) - Text changes in Preferences - Pixel perfect menu bar icons - Dock timer text size is larger - Share icons are better aligned - When a Podcast image can not be displayed we show a default podcast icon -Lyrics and Sharing twice copy is clearer BUGS FIXED - "Launch at Login" should work as expected - Other minor fixes - Fixed a bug that caused the app’s window to sometimes go over the edge of the screen. - Fixed a bug that would cause the intermission timer to freeze when you skipped to another song using keyboard or media player