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Hey everyone! We’re really excited share Pixty with you! So first let me tell you a bit about why we created it. We wanted to simplify the process of exchanging photos during and after events/trips/life moments, etc. This often takes a lot of effort and you often end up losing some of the photos that were taken. Also many messengers (like Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc) compress photos so when viewing them on a bigger screen you end up with derivatives of the original. We essentially came up with a list of features that are important to us in photo sharing and made Pixty. The features: -It opens directly to the camera (like Snapchat). So no delay in capturing the moment. -You can share photos in 1 tap! You take a photo and then your most recent streams appear on the bottom of the screen, so you just share your photo into one of them. -Group streams and an easy to use chat (unlike Snapchat). So when my friends and I went to Prague last month we had a stream called “Prague” which we all posted our photos to and we ended up with all the photos at the end of the trip. -No compression! Pixty sends the full resolution originals. -Offline mode. You can take photos offline and they auto sync when you get service. This was AMAZING while we were in Prague. Basically nobody had service, but we still took photos all day and when we got back to a place with Wifi, they automatically synced. -Streams sync between phone, web and PC or Mac desktop, so you have a variety of ways to access your photos and they’re always backed up. I’ve been taking photos of notes, documents, etc so when I get back to my computer I have them all online. And when I chat in Pixty I often prefer the web version for long messages. Right now, we just want as much feedback as possible. We want people to try it and tell us what other features they would find useful? What could we do better? Would you use it? Our main goal is to create a super convenient photo sharing experience.
Pixty is the simplest photo sharing app. You can send photos in a matter of seconds - one tap to take a photo and one tap to share. Pixty let's you share pictures with friends individually or in group streams and always in full resolution. It comes with a built-in chat for easy communication. All of your streams sync between multiple devices, so you can access your photos and chats on your phone, online at Pixty.com, and in a folder on your Mac or PC desktop.
@robertsozolins Thanks so much for hunting us! You found us when we were still in development, but now we're finally released and excited for feedback.
@mikeplion great job on the design! I like it a lot. All apps look pretty flawless.
@robertsozolins, thanks! @anwaltzzz is our designer.
Looking good Pixty Team!