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Hey Hunters! I'm Pixtory's founder and it feels great to be launching our product in this community. @kwdinc , thank you so much for hunting us here. At Pixtory we're attempting to transform the mobile home screen into a gateway of content through wallpaper stories. What's a wallpaper story? An original, engaging short piece of content with a beautiful full-screen picture to go with it. Together it's a great new way to know the world! Here’s how it works: You get 10 enriching wallpaper stories on your home screen every morning. Simply double tap on the wallpaper to read the stories behind all of them. Our wallpaper stories are curated by contributors from all over the world. It’s a great way to fill the day’s idle moments with something enriching. Read them on the way to work or while waiting for a meeting to start. You’ll find factual and fictional ‘wallpaper-stories’ about love, the world, everyday urban life, health, and more. These wallpaper stories make you smile, think or get inspired. All in a span of two minutes! There have been other home screen products in the market but we found them to be intrusive. By contrast. Pixtory is differentiated because our content is masked as a wall paper and it transforms into stories only when the user engages with it. Plus our content is diverse, high quality and curated from around the world. We’re super excited to share Pixtory with the Product Hunt community to get valuable feedback and insights. We think that this could introduce a new way of consuming content seamlessly on your mobile. Would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions. Note: We have Pixtory on iOS as well, but it comes without the Home Screen feature. You can still consume the wallpaper stories in-app and set them as your wallpaper, of course.
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@rohan_karumbaiah @kwdinc ok obviously a cool product... for things like this my Finance Hat always seems to be begging to be put on [think: Harry Potter] and since this is 'not truly' needed or useful [no offense] even though I'm all about being inspired every day.. the elephant in the room question is how are you going to make money at this? [please don't say Ads :( ] Even if you manage to get contributors to do it for free, you still have server space, hosting, developers to pay right?
@exlemor @kwdinc Thanks for trying the product :) We'll have commerce propositions and sponsored content [ yeah, ads in some form:( ] . The ads would be native brand stories from our community. I'm sharing a few sample pieces that we've received from our contributors below that showcase how Sponsored Content and commerce propositions could shape up with time. We also plan to syndicate this wallpaper-story content to different mobile first players - early stages and exploring a few partnerships here. And yes, Contributors will have a rev share on any Revenue we earn off their content
Loved the concept and the execution (from what the video suggests). The interactive elements on the homepage are nicely done too. Definitely trying out this one. 👍
@satej_sirur1 Thanks so much for your kind words. Do keep us posted on any feedback that you might have after using the product.
Pixtory does something unique. It has created a new language of wallpaper stories and has made it seamless to consume it right on the mobile homescreen. You wake up to new wallpaper stories every morning and can engage with them through simple gestures such as double-tap and two-finger touch. It's a seamless and non-intrusive homescreen product which allows the user consume content easily. Pixtory is specifically focused on the idle time that all of us have during the day - between meetings, waiting in a queue etc. The next time you have a minute or two, you can simply double tap on your homescreen and start consuming your wallpaper stories. The content comes from their global community of contributors and goes through an editorial process as well. They do have an iOS app as well but it comes without the homescreen feature.
@kwdinc Thanks for the hunt !
Hey Rohan and team, For someone who loves to read any and everywhere, this is delightful. I love the way you guys have explained it via a video.
@nitprashant thanks so much for your feedback... Would love to hear any feedback from you as you use the product.
great app, love the interface. Kudos to you guys for something unique. Well, I am the iOS guy so just tried it on friends Andriod phone. Wish we could get that interface here in iOS.
@iamnotmanish Thanks for your feedback! I am also an iOS person, and wish we could do this for an iPhone 👀