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Easy-to-Use Design & Animation Tool - Create Images, GIFs & Videos for:

Social Media, Digital Ads, Websites & Blogs, Covers & Headers, Presentations and more...

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Hello PH members and happy New Year! We follow ProductHunt and think it has awesome members and is always updated with the latest posts. Therefore, we would like to share some exclusive things with all of you regarding PixTeller. With a lot of hard work and a really small team (only 3 full time members + some friends that help us), we finally launched the best Editor you can find on the market at the end of 2016. If PixTeller aroused your interest, maybe you would like to know some things we will focus on over the following months. - Make us knows - Bring the best designers to create amazing templates (Alex is kind of overwhelmed.) - Improve the Editor and add some new features - Improve our platform ‘Crazy things’ we hope will come very soon: - PDF ready for print - Agency plan (Marketers/Designers can easily assign designs to their clients, etc.) - School plan (Our Editor goes great for school / highschool / university plans) - Deliver customized prints through a third API (like: Frames, Phone cases, etc.) - API for developers to easily integrate our Editor in different platforms We know we have big dreams for 2017, but with a lot of work we hope we’ll make them possible. Of course, we do need all the support we can get. For any questions, suggestions, feedback or if you just want to say Hi :), all our team is here. :p Thank you all!
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How does it work? Is it similar to Canva?
@appernetic not really ... there is a different concept / approach for both Canva and PixTeller, even if they provide the same kind of service. There are some unique Editor functions that make the difference. You may give a try an see them by yourself :P
The templates with sizes in home page as scroller are awesome. They will increase CTA and will help user to understand your product in better way.
@evivz I thing we will add them again ... but also we must make the top design types and categories knowen
Is it free totally? I couldn't find pricing anywhere. Whats your revenue model?
I found pricing after signing up and using the product. Promoting it as free and then saying we will put watermarks makes me feel you guys are cheating. I was about to promote you in my social media but I would not now.
@evivz watermark do not disturb users who want to use designs for personal purpose.... I know is not 100% fair/free ... but we have a lot of things totally free. Also :) there are a lot of users that cheat ... they change the design height and crop the part of images that have watermark. PS: (watermark is really small and always on the center/bottom of the design).
@alecusss I do not have a problem with the watermark. I have an issue with hiding the details before signup. No pricing are nothing shown up on the home page. You are marketing the product as totally free and then while using you mention it's chargeable, and you will put watermarks. Did you say that anywhere in a proper way before signup?
@evivz I have never seen a freemium service that shows the price of the product on its landing page. On trial you may see the price but we don't have such thing. Also you have the Pricing link on the menu ... http://prnt.sc/dsb1ts . Just for reference, take a look at big services like Skype, Teamviewer, LinkedIn or any other freemium service landing pages. Do they show the price there? No... and they do have some limits for free users as we do... Hope you get my point and I encourage you to take a closer look on PixTeller. You might like it a lot :P
@alecusss At $84 a year you fall only $15 cheaper then Sketch. I'm guessing your target audience is a bit different then Sketch users? Just curious who your target audience is? Thanks!
@niklaus_xyz I know this may sound funny but PixTeller can be used by any marketer from the digital industry, blogger or website owner and anyone who needs designs for personal use or business projects. Therefore there is no niche for this product :P At this moment our main users create simple designs like picture quotes, posters, greeting cards. I think this is due to the previous PixTeller version, which had a simple Editor whit limited functionality and people got used to this. I hope that PixTeller will become very soon a collaborative platform between Designers/Marketers and their clients. Just think about this: the client will only have to login to their account (associated with the designer/marketer's account) where they will have all the designs they need and asked for, then easily download to use them as preferred. PS: only 5-10% of the public designs are approved and can be found here: https://pixteller.com/stream -> so you can make an idea of what people create now.