Magnetic tablet mount for desktop computers

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Oooo this is cool - @andrewett you'll like this
@bentossell I want. My bday is 5/19 - thanks, guy!
Hi, I am Oscar the designer of Pixo. We made it with the idea of being used with apps like Duet Display or Air Display, taking also advantage of the new Pro tables (12.9") which can give you for example up to 60% more screen when mounted on a regular iMac ( 21.5"). It can be also mounted to other desktops and fits most tablets ( from 7.9" to 12.9"). Your tablet just need to have a flat back, less than 9 mm thickness and a weight under 750 gms. Because tables are getting thinner and lighter, it will ,most likely, be also compatible with tablets released in the future. Feel free to ask anything you what to know about the product!
Really cool! Is this tested with monitors that aren't from Apple as well? I have a Dell monitor, which is a lot more plastic and far less metal compared to the Apple monitors.
@adamstark Hi Adam, yes! In fact, you don't need metal at all. The stickers are made of steel with a 3M adhesive backing. The steel attracts very well the magnets that are concealed on the Pixo mount. Your monitor can be made of any material, the surface should just be clean from grease.
@adamstark As for the tablet is the same, it can be made of plastic, just add the metallic sticker and it will be attracted to the mount.
I like this! Really nice concept.
@dnuzum Thanks Derek!