Location tags that create a digital map of all your things

I've seen plenty of location tags and apps that help you keep track of your gadgets, but Pixie definitely takes it to the next level. All the tags talk to each other so they not only know distance from where you are, but exact location too. The augmented reality app shows you where they all are too as you look around (which we helped work on with Pixie, so I might be a tad biased ;) You can even put one on your glasshole kitty! They're also opening up an SDK which will let anyone make an app to work with their tags which I can't wait for.
This is useful!
Love these guys and the product, next level stuff.
Are they $40 per tag?
@ziinko I believe $40 is 1 Pack which comes with 4 tags
There's a price break for pre-orders now.