Slackbot to find text in uploaded images

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http://www.pixibot.co/static/img... -- a preview of what it looks like!
@ronald_basin Add some images to the gallery on this post :)
Great idea but it is not working for me. Installed the bot but @pixibot help and posting images doesn't do anything.
@paulmwatson @pixibot We were experiencing issues with new users late last night do to an unexpectedly high influx of signups. This issue has been fixed! Happy OCR'ing :)
@ronald_basin thanks but no joy, I re-added the bot and same silence. I'll try again in a few days.
@paulmwatson Try re-adding the app when you get a chance, we've pushed some fixes that should solve any issues
Thanks for your patience, it worked the third time :) Really like this. Twitter needs this too.
Would be good to see some actual images of what it looks like...
@bentossell Got one up! More to come soon