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Pixenio is a website generator that helps you create a beautiful website. It will always look special even if you’re not a professional designer. Thanks to Pixenio you don’t need to install clunky builder or update anything. No coding is required.

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Martin Kotys
Founder of Pixenio.com
Hello guys, I’m Martin, founder of Pixenio and I have some great news for you. Pixenio is finally launched and our whole team is happy to share our project with you 🎉 🎉. Whether you’re a freelancer, developer or just need a personal website, you can make one in Pixenio. Or Pixenio will (almost completely) make a website for you :) How did Pixenio arise? Primarily, we wanted to develop an AI website generator that works online. Secondarily, we had a plan to make every website and every page in it look perfect despite the lack of content. Users usually don’t like to create huge amount of unique website content, that’s why we decided to take on this challenge. In our guidelines there was also a note saying: “Users must be able to edit and manage their websites as easily as their social media.” To fulfil this requirement, we removed page builders and all other distractions altogether as they usually complicate the website building process. Too many options, too many set-ups… you know what I mean. Currently we’re working on some other great features we’ll be introducing soon. From multilingual support and eCommerce to voice search, which changes the way how users search for contact information or opening hours. Voice assistants like Siri and Alexa will find your Pixenio website in a flash. Feel free to try Pixenio on your own and if you have any questions (or just a few kind words for us:)), leave us a comment below. We look forward to every feedback from you!
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Andrej Turcanfreelance consultant

As a freelance conslutant in field of smart cards and card scheme migration to mobile phones, I need to be present online. On the other side, I do not want to spend days in tuning my site... 30 mins and responsive site was done. No bullshits around, it does what it is meant to do, perfectly.


simple, quick, idiotproof


have not found them yet

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Peter Genčur
Designer & Developer
Hi, it's Pixenio designer over here. 👋 First of all, thank you for 100+ votes! 🎉 Secondly, if you have any design related questions or anything in that matter, I'm all ears. 😉