PixelSquid iOS

Add 3D objects to your photos

I had the privilege of playing with this app while it was in Beta. It is great fun, and my kids loved it! Looking forward to more and more objects! :-)
@danielkempe Thanks! We're prepping the new content now!
Haha, fun thing adding something unexpected to a photo! Allways good with more content, looking forward to that. Great work!
This is a great app. One of those apps that just works and feels sorted from the first time it's opened. Great fun to use and the content looks spookily natural. More content would be great and I'm sure it's on the way but in the meantime there's enough to provide enough fun for most of us! Great work guys
@mhollis2301 thanks, Mike. Glad you're enjoying it! We're definitely working on more packs, they should be getting released on a regular basis.
We're excited to announce our new product, PixelSquid iOS. Building on our success with PixelSquid, which is tailored towards professional 2D designers using Photoshop, PixelSquid iOS is geared towards more casual users as well as professionals that want to have fun away from their desk. We have over 100 objects that can be downloaded for free in the app with more coming soon. Check out our landing page to see more of the app in action: https://apps.pixelsquid.com/ios/