Pixel-Perfect Isolated Stock Images.

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#4 Product of the DayMarch 05, 2015



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Joao Carvalho
Joao Carvalho@johntheoak · UX Designer at Maersk Digital
I use stock images with some frequency and I must say that this is the most impressive product I ever saw related with this kind of industry, nicely done @mckurt @wizsquid :) One question: any idea when start implementing images of individuals/groups of persons? - probably without the option to pick the angle :)
Paul Teall
Paul TeallMaker@pteall · General Manager, PixelSquid
@johntheoak - thanks for the feedback! Since all of our images are derived from 3D models, we're initially focusing on the things that look flawless in 3D. People present some unique challenges when you're aiming for photoreal, but we're experimenting with some options internally.
Douglas Finley
Douglas Finley@dougdidntdoit · Founder @ SocialChomp
Amazing work from a New Orleans based company!
Matt Wisdom
Matt WisdomMaker@wizsquid · CEO, TurboSquid & PixelSquid
PixelSquid CEO here - happy to answer any questions!
Holly Cardew
Holly Cardew@hollyccc · Founder, Pixc
Fantastic idea! Will definitely try it out.
Chris Schultz
Chris Schultz@cschultz · Launch Pad
@wizsquid, @pteall - those images are amazing, the resolution comes through on the site. When are you releasing the Vince Vaughn HD stock photos?
Paul Teall
Paul TeallMaker@pteall · General Manager, PixelSquid
@wizsquid @cschultz - thanks, @cschultz! It would definitely be super easy to drop PixelSquid content into those Vince Vaughn shots. ;)