Pixel-Perfect Isolated Stock Images.

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Adele Tiblier
@adeletiblier · Director of Marketing at zlien
For those following PixelSquid, we've just released a free Photoshop plug-in that allows users to spin and edit objects directly within their designs. http://www.producthunt.com/tech/...
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Joao Carvalho
@johntheoak · Head of Design & UX
I use stock images with some frequency and I must say that this is the most impressive product I ever saw related with this kind of industry, nicely done @mckurt @wizsquid :) One question: any idea when start implementing images of individuals/groups of persons? - probably without the option to pick the angle :)
Douglas Finley
@dougdidntdoit · Founder @ SocialChomp
Amazing work from a New Orleans based company!
Matt Wisdom
@wizsquid · CEO, TurboSquid & PixelSquid
PixelSquid CEO here - happy to answer any questions!
Holly Cardew
@hollyccc · Founder, Pixc
Fantastic idea! Will definitely try it out.
Chris Schultz
@cschultz · Launch Pad
@wizsquid, @pteall - those images are amazing, the resolution comes through on the site. When are you releasing the Vince Vaughn HD stock photos?