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#2 Product of the DayNovember 14, 2017

PixelMe is a tool that helps you serve specific ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google to everyone who clicked on a link.

  • Déborah RIPPOL
    Déborah RIPPOLCulture Scout at Buffer

    Awesome for retargeting new audiences from my social media share!


    More stats would be awesome

    Using PixelMe has definitely rocketed my facebook pixel and I can now serve the audience that I was losing when sharing things on social media usually.

    Déborah RIPPOL has used this product for one month.
  • David Ferguson
    David FergusonFounder, 5000fish, Inc.

    Easy to use interface, powerful features, the founders are very responsive and have a great roadmap.



    Great product that works well with lots of power features. Custom domains with redirect and 404 support. Multiple pixel types, custom slug support, bulk uploading and more. The exciting thing about this product is the roadmap with agency features, buffer integration, and more pixel types coming soon. And the support and responsiveness of the founders is amazing. Great product.

    David Ferguson has used this product for one month.
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Tom Benattar
Tom BenattarMaker@tombenattar · Co-founder @PixelMe
Hi everyone! 👋 First off, big thanks to @bramk for hunting us! 🚀 We're super excited to share what we've been up to with PixelMe. Everything started in Bali with @maxberthelot a few months ago as a side project. Since then we've experienced a pretty crazy growth, with more than 4,000+ new users in the last 3 months ❤️. The gist of it is: can you imagine being able to retarget anybody who clicks on your links? With PixelMe, you can serve specific ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Adwords to an audience you couldn't quite reach that way before. It's as easy as shortening a link with a retargeting pixel inside! 🙌 Of course, it's a first step to what we think the future of PixelMe should be: "One place to retarget them all" :) We're really excited to hear what you all think, as we're hoping to build the best possible product! We'll be here all day to answer any questions you might have, so ask away! Cheers! 🍻 Tom PS: We’re thrilled to offer all Product Hunters a 30% discount on all our yearly plans! Use this coupon code: producthunt_yearly Be fast, it’ll last only 48h!
Gorakh Sirsikar
Gorakh Sirsikar@sarkarinaukar · Director, The Nickelwala Group
great prod. awesome people behind it. especially @tombenattar had a chat with him within days of signing up and the next week's release included the feature requested. lot of potential here, am looking to replace my existing link shortening accounts with Pixelme. Bien Jouer Tom. Bon courage alors!
Tom Benattar
Tom BenattarMaker@tombenattar · Co-founder @PixelMe
Thank you so much @sarkarinaukar, really appreciate your feedback 😊
Sandro Munda
Sandro MundaHiring@seyz_ · Founder and CEO at Forest Admin
Boom, you guys rock! ❤️
Tom Benattar
Tom BenattarMaker@tombenattar · Co-founder @PixelMe
@seyz_ Thanks Sandro! 😍
guillaume cabane
guillaume cabane@guillaumecabane · VP Growth @Segment
Very impressive team. 18 months ago I shared with @tombenattar this slide of a growth hack I made when at Mention.com (with @gillesbertaux) He and his co-founders built it into an actual product, well done!
Tom Benattar
Tom BenattarMaker@tombenattar · Co-founder @PixelMe
@guillaumecabane Thanks so much Guillaume! I am very pleased that we had this discussion at this time, great inspiration! 🙏
Menachem Pritzker
Menachem Pritzker@mdavep · CEO, TheHomeFixers
i just set up my first pixel yesterday, awesome to see you guys on here!
Tom Benattar
Tom BenattarMaker@tombenattar · Co-founder @PixelMe
Awesome! Thanks @mdavep 🙌