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Noam Lovinsky
Did product @ YouTube and started stuff.
Thanks for posting Chris! Hey everyone - I'm one of the makers of PixelKit. We really missed a few of the design collaboration tools we had at YouTube/Google so we built PixelKit to improve our own process and thought we'd put it out into the community to see if it could help any of you. PixelKit gives you a private team space where you can store all of your design work. Everyone in the team space has access to everything, everyone can edit everything and all changes are tracked. The security model is kinda like Slack meets Google Docs. Teams usually have a repository for their code (GitHub), one for their bugs (Asana/Jira/Etc), one for their docs (Drive/Dropbox/Etc) and we wanted a repository for all of our designs. That's PixelKit.
Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆 ko-fi.com/chris
This ticks off a bunch of the stuff I'd want in a design collaboration tool: * Comments from Slack, email and meetings are automatically attached to your designs * Every part of your design work is searchable * Visual version control * Drag and drop a Sketch file and transform your artboards into a shareable link. * Dropbox, Google Drive and Box integration * Slack bot integration
Andrew LiebchenProduct designer @ Facebook
Definitely appreciate that this is more centered around sharing and collaborating on designs, rather than adding a bunch of extra "prototyping" functionality like Invision. Any sense of what the pricing for this service will be?
Jeremy Bauer
Writer + Arts Instructional Designer
Just found this, and was excited to try it out with my team. But it looks like it's been shut down or something?
Kai BuskirkAdvanced Emerging Technologist
looks like its been deprecated..... should have made it #OpenSourceCreativeCommunity #OSCC