Pixelic for Figma

Collaborative clubhouse for Figma users.

Pixelic is a collaborative workspace for Figma users to sync Figma frames/pages, frame-level versions, & manage feedback/tasks. 👨‍💻
We call it the “third workspace” for Figma users (Figma being first, Slack being second, and Pixelic being the third).
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Hey PH! 🙋‍♂️ SJ, Bia, Arthur, and I have long been thinking about how current software development processes emphasize engineering over design. We knew that when design becomes an afterthought, products go obsolete and complex. So baking design-led workflow into the process is crucial to successfully shipping products. There are great tools used in an engineering-led context (Jira, Github, Confluence, etc.), but we couldn’t find comparable ones in a design-led context. So we decided to build one! We’re opening up for Figma users first 🎉 -- Join us and become one of our founding users! We’re offering 1-month free credit for the Product Hunt community during the beta period. Our pricing is simple: $12 per user, per month. Here are some cool features ready for you on Pixelic for Figma today: ☝️ One-click import to bring all your Figma files available for asynchronous collaboration ✌️ 2-way sync with Slack: if your teammate comments on Slack, it syncs w/ Pixelic. If you comment on Pixelic, it syncs w/ Slack. 💫 Frame-level version control - track chain of history and keep a system of record ✅ Turn comments into trackable tasks with 1-click and view them together on the task board. Figma paired with Pixelic empowers designers to do more things. Pixelic for Figma is a collaborative workspace for Figma users to sync Figma frames/pages, manage frame-level versions, exchange feedback, and manage design tasks in one place. We call it the “third workspace” for designers who use Figma (Figma being first, Slack being second, and Pixelic being the third). Let us know what you think! Ask any question or suggestion here! We’re excited to read your thoughts. Follow us on Twitter: @pixelic_hq Chris, Co-founder
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congratulations! fantastic job! :)
@jeong_suh_choi Thanks Jeong-suh! :)
wow this service has really really cool features!! this enable seamless design feedback not only for designers but for product manager and developer
Thanks so much! Let us know if any suggestions 🙏
Incredibly in time for me! Thank you so much
@nel_kamai Thank you! Building products remotely isn't easy - we hope that our tool helps!!!
@nel_kamai Thanks Nelly! If you have any questions or needs demo, let us know :)
This is fantastic! I love that this supports Figma and Slack! It will be great if you have an option to integrate with Discord too. Plus, this is such great timing. I'm just using the sharing screen feature when I'm explaining my design works to the teammates. This can completely change the way I work with my team remotely. Great job!
@andrew_cho Thanks for the comment! Discord is booming, we'll definitely consider integrating with Discord. Thanks!