An anti-stress pixel art coloring app.

Pixelgram is an anti-stress application for both adults and kids. With this app you can either choose a pixel art picture from our library (categorized by interests) or upload your own photo for coloring it by numbers. You can also share your Art with your friends via messengers or social networks.

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Hello everyone! I'm John, the Product Manager of Pixelgram. I and my team decided to react to the considerable mobile market trend of Pixel Art applications with our product, which pretends to become the single platform, where users will be able to either create Pixel Art from the scratch or pixelate own pictures. Users will get an opportunity to publish their unique artworks to make them available to other users for editing and coloring. Users will subscribe on their favorite artists and like/comment their masterpieces. Tell me what other improvements we should think of for our current MVP. I'm open to any questions and ideas.
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