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Pixelarity is the paid sibling of another project of mine (HTML5 UP) that addresses two questions I get asked a lot: how to use my templates without attribution, and whether I can provide the occasional bit of tech support. This service tackles both, throws in a few extras (like an additional 30 or so templates), and does so at a price that (I think) is fair to all involved. Let me know what you think! :)
I have been subscribed to Pixelarity for several months now. It's a great collection of HTML5/CSS3/JS based responsive templates for all sorts of project types. I highly recommend it.
Amazing themes!! @n33co Why did you use the unique pricing structure? ("Sign up for just $19 and get three months of unlimited downloads, new releases and support. Keep using anything you download even if you decide not to renew.")
@thesameerk Thanks! I actually looked at a few models (including the pay-per-download one used by many marketplaces), but I realized it'd just be simpler to let folks download whatever they want for a flat rate. Not only does it give the subscription more value (ie. your $19 actually gets you 60+ templates, not just one), it also lets users try everything before settling on a single template (which in my experience makes them *very* happy). Oh, and I guess it was the easiest model to implement, so there's that :)