Pixel Pix

Turn your photos into pixel art

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I'm a sucker for nostalgic, retro products. This reminds me of Retrospecs (and some other nostalgic apps). Nice work, @benbrown.
@rrhoover Thanks! I love retro stuff too, and I have a personal belief exemption that says resolution doesn't actually exist beyond 8 bits.
It was no small effort for my team of brilliant engineers at XOXCO to get today's amazing smartphone cameras to take photos at 0.0025 megapixels. But they did it, because I told them that it was important for the future. We would love to add new pixel stickers for Product Hunters! What would you like to see on your pixelized avatar?
Definitely having fun with this app in the office, but one enhancement suggestion. It would be great to have the option of 16-32-64 bit resolution to make the image just a bit clearer. I know that's not the original premise, but sometimes the photo doesn't look like anything and even at a slightly higher resolution the image would still look cool! Great work on this app, looking forward to your teams other projects.
@marketshot thanks for the feedback - you want the same filters but a bigger image?
@benbrown The filters are great as is, just an option to up the resolution to 16,32, or maybe even 64 bit. I don't think it would take away from the retro feel, it would just make it a touch easier to recognize what the image is actually of.