Pixel Perfect Handbook

A comprehensive handbook on digital design

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Thanks for posting this @mutlu82, and thanks for all the votes everyone! Hope you're finding some useful info in there, and if you've got any suggestions for future content fire it this way.
@gyppsy Pleasure, it's such a labour of love, great work!
Thanks so much for sharing this @mutlu82!
@gyppsy so slide 20 "sharp edges!" no where does it show me how to prevent that? I know most of the book is concept instead of execution. But when it comes to such a specific advice maybe a little more detail on how to achieve it would be great.
@johnnyquachy thanks for the feedback, good point! I'll make a note of that in the next release. In the meantime, use your program's snap to pixel option if it has one — details for how to do that for Photoshop on p125.
This is great!