Pixel Jobs

Find your next job in digital product design and development

Pixel Jobs is a super easy-to-use listing of quality jobs in UI/UX design, development, project management, social media and marketing.
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Hi PH! We’re here to introduce you to Pixel Jobs. Finding a job is hard, and whilst there’s a bunch of job boards out there, the team here at Inktrap thought something was missing… We noticed that job boards always seem to be super niche or way too broad. We decided to have a crack at making our own job board that would be weighted equally between creative and technical roles in the digital industry. We thought of the things that matter to job seekers — easy to use, curated jobs, no recruiters, the salary always upfront — and the things that matter to those doing the hiring — not having to fork out loads of money for a posting. Our hope is to make a job board that’s great for those that want a job as well as those who are looking to hire someone, without prioritising one group over the other. Let us know what you think! Thanks, from the team at Inktrap — Sam, Chris and Rachel