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Hello! We're really excited today to release Pixel Caffeine! It's a 100% free WordPress plugin to manage all your Facebook Pixel needs in one place! With Pixel Caffeine you can: - Easily install Facebook Pixel in one click - Track custom conversions based on clicks, pages visits or interaction with CSS Selectors - Pass to Facebook advanced events and data like tags, categories and custom fields of the post being visited - Full support for WooCommerce to get all your eCommerce events automatically tracked - Create super advanced Custom Audiences directly within WordPress The plugin is and will always be 100% free and is baked by the experience of AdEspresso, the N.1 Facebook Marketing Partner for SMBs. We built this ... simply because we needed it :) We were tired of simply retargeting with Facebook Ads everyone who visited our blog and wanted to create more laser focused ads. With Pixel Caffeine you can pass Facebook any WordPress specific information and then create, directly within WordPress, laser focused Custom Audiences like: "Anyone who came from Google and visited a blog post from the 'Marketing' category wit the 'Lead Generation' tag". And much more! We'll be hanging around the whole day so feel free to ask any question or suggest new features, this is the initial release but we already have a big backlog of features we want to add!
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@massimocw you might want to add a link in your plugin Readme so that people can easily try it out through our free sandbox system... https://addendio.com/try-plugin/...
@luca_fracassi discovered addendio through @sylvain_querne ... such a great idea! Will do in our next release!
@massimocw fair enough... I discovered AdEspresso through @sylvain_querne :-)
Wow @massimocw - This is really a boon to the e-commerce people out there. I am into content and publications (a media startup) - how would this plugin help us? - Will I be able to create an audience that targets people who have spent top 20% time on our website (or a particular category) - Or people who have spent more than 3-4 minutes on the site. - Based on user actions - like people who have clicked on 'Subscribe' but dropped off without subscribe etc. Hope you get a sense of what I am trying to ask. How will this plugin help content based websites vs product based websites. Last two - - How does this compare to LeadBridge that offers similar features but without WordPress plugin. - Is this plugin free to use without requiring Ad Espresso account or subscription? Thanks. I am sure this serves a great utility.
@adithya great questions, thanks! While this is really useful for eCommerce websites, we actually developed it for our own use on a content website! Right now we don't support time based actions but it's absolutely in the roadmap while you can totally create custom events based on interactions with your website even using CSS selectors (ie. user clicked on a specific button. The other big advantage other solutions that are not Wordpress specific is that with Pixel Caffeine you can pass Facebook WP specific data like tags, categories and even custom fields. This way with one click we could for example create a CA with everyone who read at least one post within the Instagram category and then target them with a specific ad promoting an Instagram related eBook instead of blindly targeting everyone who visited any page in our website. At AdEspresso we also have custom fields for each blog post defining the targeted buyer persona and lifecycle stage of the user. With Pixel Caffeine we can send these information to Facebook and then create CA based on these fields! Hope this helps!
Will be using this for all 10+ customers I have using AdEspresso at the moment. Looks good.
@jessethanley glad to hear that! rest assured we have much more to release soon for the plugin!
@massimocw you're unstoppable!
First thought when I saw this on PH was "Cool, but authors abandoning plugins is such a pain"... but then I saw it was by AdEspresso, so no worries. This is a bit of a gamechanger for us smaller, Woocommerce shop retailers. I definitely have that one audience that gets targeted with the one ad and was just talking to someone yesterday about how one day I'll need to work out how to do individual product targeting. Any plans to release a non-wordpress version?
@rossdcurrie Totally feel your pain... so many great plugins get abandoned every day! We're in for the long run and will keep updating it constantly don't worry... we have a reputation to maintain :) If you have an ecommerce store Dynamic Product Ads are the way to go and this plugin will remove all the pixel complexity (we're thinking about creating the product catalog as well). We have already received a lot of requests for something similar for Shopify. We'll consider it in the future but right now we want to stay focused on WordPress and make this the default plugin for anyone doing Facebook Ads on WordPress. Once the mission is accomplished we'll think about expanding to other platforms!
@rossdcurrie @massimocw thanks for making this awesome Plugin! You mentioned creating Product Catalog on Facebook. Is it currently possible? Or is it still in your development roadmap?
@gutnut great question 😄 we’re releasing product catalog support in 2/3 weeks!!!