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Massimo Chieruzzi
@massimocw · Ceo & co-founder at AdEspresso
Hello! We're really excited today to release Pixel Caffeine! It's a 100% free WordPress plugin to manage all your Facebook Pixel needs in one place! With Pixel Caffeine you can: - Easily install Facebook Pixel in one click - Track custom conversions based on clicks, pages visits or interaction with CSS Selectors - Pass to Facebook advanced events and data … See more
Jesse ✌️
@jessethanley · Making stuff.
Will be using this for all 10+ customers I have using AdEspresso at the moment. Looks good.
Sylvain Querne
@sylvain_querne · Head of Marketing @ Facebook
@massimocw you're unstoppable!
Ross Currie
@rossdcurrie · Founder, CrowdLoot
First thought when I saw this on PH was "Cool, but authors abandoning plugins is such a pain"... but then I saw it was by AdEspresso, so no worries. This is a bit of a gamechanger for us smaller, Woocommerce shop retailers. I definitely have that one audience that gets targeted with the one ad and was just talking to someone yesterday about how one day I'll… See more
Max Ciociola
@maxciociola · CEO musixmatch
Awesome idea !