A Better Way to Share, Sell and Analyze your photos

Perhaps an unintended consequence of Google pushing Material Design: to me this looks very much like it's a service provided by Google.
@jameskoole Thanks for your feeback. But I don't know if is it good to have "as good" design as Google...;-)
I had a startup in the professional photography space (since sold it) and we would survey our customers often to know their needs. Help with social media was often high on the list. So, I can attest there's definitely a need. I'm not sure what type of photographer you're targeting (amateur, pro-sumer, or true pros)–I think that's the main factor in determining where to go with this. Overall, definitely filling a need and it looks like a good start.
This is pretty awesome I might have to play around with it on the weekend as it supports https://500px.com/