Modern GPU-powered image processing API

#2 Product of the DayOctober 31, 2019
Transform, adjust, enhance, stylize, filter, apply watermarks, and store your images with blazing speed. Pixaven guarantees ultra-fast image operations and unparalleled quality of your visual content thanks to a modern, GPU-powered image processing engine.
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47 Reviews4.9/5
I am a big fan of @matylla and he is a definitive expert on image processing and managing an at scale image infrastructure business. His products also have the added bonus of being easy to use and beautifully designed. Congrats on the launch!
@tod_sacerdoti Thank you for the kinds words. It really means a lot!
Signed up an hour ago with with a free account and pushed some images through your API. That thing is FAST. Good luck with your product! P.S I would only change the index page to include more information about the actual image operations offered
@farsadhasan Thanks for taking Pixaven for a spin!
Amazing work @matylla, I really liked how the API documentation is presented. Clear, concise and with a lot of examples.
Thank you @chrismessina for the hunt! 🎉 This is @matylla, founder and CEO of Pixaven. After almost two years of hard work, we are excited to launch Pixaven on Product Hunt! We’d love to get some feedback and I’m here to answer any questions. Pixaven is a modern GPU-powered image processing API that enables developers to transform, filter and enhance visual content at blazing speed. All heavy processing takes place on our specialized infrastructure, built entirely from the ground up. Because we think it’s time to say goodbye to legacy solutions (like self-hosted ImageMagick), we wrote our image processing engine from scratch and deployed it to Apple Mac Pros that we host ourselves in a Tier-3 data center in Frankfurt, Germany. Our API currently offers: - Resizing and scaling (with multiple modes) - Cropping (with multiple modes) - Face detection - Watermarking - Masking - Filtering (such as blurring, color isolation and duotone effect) - Manual adjustments (such as brightness, contrast and exposure) - Automatic enhancements - External storage to AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM, DO and Rackspace cloud On top of all that, we offer an optional ‘Storage and Delivery’ addon and distribute visual content over a global 65+ Tbps content delivery network. Developers integrating Pixaven API into their apps and websites can process any of the 13 different file formats that we support, stack together as many operations as they like and instruct the API to store the resulting images in their preferred cloud object storage service. Pixaven API is also an excellent solution for apps deployed on serverless platforms (such as AWS Lambda) as it allows for great savings by offloading heavy image processing to Pixaven. Because any serverless offering is billed per time spent on code execution, speeding up image processing, which might take a couple of seconds per image with legacy solutions like ImageMagick, really is a no-brainer. We have tried to create the most complete solution for all image processing tasks and would love to hear your feedback on how we can make it better.
Great work and congrats on the launch! I am curious why you decided to use Mac Pros?
@herakatun Thanks for your kind words! Mac Pros give us access to two graphic cards per machine and we host a vast array of those in the datacenter in Frankfurt. We rely on Apple's Metal framework (among the others) for high-performance image processing hence we invested in our own infrastructure that can run our software.