Pixave 2.0

The ultimate image organizer for the Mac.

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Can't get on the site? -
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@marty The developer's server might have crashed under the amount of traffic due to the 2.0 update I guess. He'll has the site up and running as fast he can, I suspect.
It's back online 😎
@marty It's back down.
@marty It's back up. Very slow: 24 seconds to load. Lots of assets. Could really benefit from a CDN, among other optimizations.
Does this import the actual images and create a database, or it can just reference them across my various existing folders?
@merchantguru Both. It can copy images into its own database or it can reference them in your various folders or drives...
Default Image viewer on Mac is atrocious. If Pixave can cycle through images without having to open them all, I'm sold
@romanzadyrako Well, err you mean: open a folder and display all the images inside? Or something else?
Oh boy, version 1 already was a serious candidate to replace the adorable but no longer actively developed Ember. With version 2 Pixave is gonna be the default image organizer for anyone who's working with images on the Mac. A gorgeous app stuffed with useful functions and smart little thingies, too many to name here. Brilliant!
I bought it, but I can't seem it import anything. What am I doing wrong?
@bcromlish Drop a folder on the left panel. Or create a new folder and import images...