Pixate Studio 2.0

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You can read the post from Pixate announcing this release here The updates seem quite extensive: - Zoom your canvas - Use Audio and Video - Scroll a scroll view AND: -New controls for aligning and distributing layers in the Properties pane -Actions have been moved to their own tab, opening up more room for Interactions and Animations to stack -Layer selection has been greatly improved. You can now select and move many layers, as well as have more control over which layer you’re selecting in the canvas (learn more) -Layers can now be locked, making them unselectable in the canvas -Shift-drag resizing is more accurate and smoother -Animations can be reordered with drag-and-drop -Layer handles are now hidden when moving layers with the arrow keys (especially helpful when moving around tiny layers) -A layer in a collapsed layer group will be automatically be revealed when selected in the canvas @paulcolton - what has the journey been like since the launch a year ago??
Waited months for this update. Happy they finally shipped it. Initial impressions: it does feel faster, from adding layers to moving stuff around. Everything is just smoother. Merging prototypes is also crazy fast. The initial release seems to be breaking some prototypes though, so back up your prototypes before downloading.
@pddro I was so frustrated with Pixate initially, because their tutorials are not nearly exhaustive to master even the basics, and there seems to be very little user generated tutorials on youtube. Principle feels like a way easier to use alternative. Should I give Pixate another try with v2?
@romanzadyrako @pddro Pixate is kinda intuitive compared to its range of functions. Though, I agree that a timeline-based tool like principle is sporting an even lower entry barrier, but principle is also more limited. Still, Pixate is pretty easy to learn on your own in a day, despite the lack of UGC, but the UI did not change compared to v1x - hence there has nothing changed for you.
@romanzadyrako @pddro Hey Roman, I recommend you check out Jared Lodwick's Pixate tutorials. He's done some sick work with Pixate, and now that v2.0 is faster, I think you should definitely give it a try: http://www.jaredlodwick.co/tutor...
Taking this as an opportunity to ask questions to other Pixate users: until there's a proper Sketch export feature, are there any tips and tricks you have in your workflow between the two apps?
@raveeshbhalla Sadly, this is one of the main frustrations with many Pixate users. I export from Sketch to a folder (replacing edited assets), then drag and drop into Pixate. It's not a nightmare scenario, but it's definitely a flow that needs improvement.
Looks great - but can this export to a format that you can turn into an actual application, or translate into actual UI elements?
@lynnfredricks Hey Lynn, you can't export into a format for developers, but that's definitely something we've talked about doing. You can of course pass them the Pixate file and let them inspect the values, but we don't have a specific inspection view.
Trying out Pixate but as a newbie, it definitely has a steep learning curve. In what ways is Principle limited?