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PixaPal lets you create videos, graphics and documents in your browser. Once you've created a design, share it with a link or invite others with custom permissions. The free plan includes 1GB of storage, unlimited designs and unlimited exporting.

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My fellow hunters, PixaPal was created to fill the gap between simple design apps - with limited control and complex design tools - with a steep learning curve. We combined photo editing features, vector graphics, keyframe animation and a timeline into a single tool that can create images, videos and documents. It has proven to be an effective tool internally as we use it to create the videos on our homepage and even our animated Product Hunt logo (exporting animated GIFs is supported). But it can certainly be used to create much more! Our team is passionate about bringing quality design tools to the browser, so give it a try and let us know how we are doing!
This is going to help our designers
Looks nice by the video! Would give it a try!
So, I tried making a video on safari on my iPad and guess what, the process was flawless! Commendable job! Only issue was in downloading as it never happen.
@realdesigntack Thanks for the kind words! We will take a look at the issue.
@jaysmooth I appreciate that, Jordan. Thank you!
403 ERROR on the website
@luigi_fiorindo Thanks for the heads up! The issue should now be resolved.