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Hey everybody at Product Hunt! It's now over two years since we presented Pixabay on PH and we are proud to announce Pixabay 2.0 with a lot of new features and improvements: Pixabay is now offering 770,000+ free photos, illustrations and vectors, as well as 3,700 videos. Almost all of Pixabay's content is provided by our powerful community. Over 1,000 new original hi-res images and videos are contributed every day! The best ones are found among our list of Editor's Choices: https://pixabay.com/editors_choice/ Pixabay is today the best and most valuable free alternativ to commercial stock photo sites. The new features include: * New modernized layout with larger preview images * A daily growing selection of free CC0 video and footage * Added categories and new filter options (search by color, size, orientation, etc.) * A SafeSearch filter for excluding explicit content for schools and work * An API for giving third party apps access to Pixabay images and videos * Detailed and interesting statistics for contributors; discover where your images are being used on the web * Favorites, private messages, an active forum, and a lot more ... discover it! We hope you like the changes - and we would love to hear your feedback. Thanks!
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@pixabay I love Pixabay. Great jobs guys and I would love to contribute some pictures real soon.
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@surendranb Yes, we are curious to see your images.
@hansbraxmeier Just signed up! We can never have enough free images :) Do you plan on building a community around this?
@hansbraxmeier Congrats on the new release! We at Desygner love Pixabay and so do our users :) Where can we get information on the new API?
@hansbraxmeier Great job guys! Anything else I say will be an endless ramble on how awesome Pixabay is
I use Pixabay for 2-3 years now, and I love how simple and free it is. You guys helped me with a lot of images, banners, ads and more!
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@paul_shuteyev Hi Paul, that sounds great. Thanks for your comment and we hope you enjoy the new features :)
@hansbraxmeier I will definitely do!
@paul_shuteyev And whenever you have new ideas, suggestions, praise or criticism just give us note :-)
What a great service, been meaning to contribute some photos I have taken, today is the day. Thank you for this service.
@androidlove You are welcome and we can't wait to see your photos.
I love Pixabay, is the first source for good free and quality photos and graphic content. The platform is awesome and it has helped many content creators since day 1. Thank you guys and I know I'll really enjoy the new features. Keep the good work!
Pixabay is awesome!!
@philippsteuer Thanks Philipp :-)