Image search made simple for Web designers and developers

PixZip makes it easy for developers/designers to download license-free images.

Using an intuitive interface, users search for stock images and download a zip file containing them in a single click.

It alleviates the common issue of having to navigate stock photography websites and opening each link individually to download an image.

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1 Review5.0/5
How long was the process from coming up with the idea to shipping? @jgjake
@abadesi The whole process took around 2 weeks (The MVP was ready on the third day). The initial idea was to implement a couple of APIs together and call each one randomly so there'd be a massive library of images. For now however, the app only uses the already enormous Pixabay library. There are plans to implement global caching to reduce API calls, and expanding to support more image libraries.
Love the tool @jgjake . Any plans to allow resolutions bigger than HD ?