Piwik PRO Analytics Suite

The Only Solution Designed For Data-Sensitive Industries

Use Piwik PRO to track user behavior even in the most secure areas while staying privacy-compliant, available on-premises and in the cloud.
We've been using Piwik for a while in the products that we are building. We love the idea of data ownership. Piwik has flexible APIs that allows to quickly build custom analytics dashboards for our clients. This is something where Google Analytics can't support, as they cap the API usage for exporting the data.
Since I try to avoid Google in my own online life, it seemed hypocritical to use Google Analytics on my own sites. Since Piwik is self-hosted, the analytics data is mine to see only. As it should be. Better for my visitors and the quality of the analytics provided is quite good.
Piwik is great, the guys over at the other project SilentKeys use them. Its a good privacy product in that its not as intrusive as other products. Let me see if i can invite the guy over.