Whether moving, or on the move, make any city feel like home

Pivt let's you connect with your extended network and like-minded people in your new city.

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Paraj Mathur
Candela Partners, ShopFlash
Hi, Product Hunt! Excited to share Pivt - which helps you leverage your extended network to find like-minded people in new cities whether you are travelling or moving to a new location. It is especially useful for people who either a) travel a lot or b) are moving to a new city and anyone else who is looking to connect with more people around them. I love the product and the team behind it. Lynn is actually an alum of my college so it is especially exciting to see her launch Pivt.
Lynn Greenberg
Hi, Product Hunt! I'm Lynn Greenberg, Co-Founder of Pivt. I created Pivt after moving to London right out of college without knowing anyone. I faced the issue that almost all people experience when moving to a new and unfamiliar place, which is how to go about finding friends. After giving a variety of methods a spin to build my network, I craved a platform that would connect me to the people who I trusted the most, my own network, to get advice before moving and to meet up with when I arrived. As a result, I spent six months with my fellow expats in London,developing the concept to tap into your existing extended network, and Pivt was born. Pivt is an app designed to help people moving and on the move make any city feel like home. Whether you are traveling for a job, a big move or just passing through, Pivt is here to ensure that any new city you encounter feels familiar. By connecting you with your extended network (friends, friends of friends, hometown, university, workplace) and with people who share your interests and passions, Pivt shows you who you know and who you should know wherever you go, so you can always hit the ground running! Search a city ahead of your trip to get advice from the people you trust the most (your network) and make plans for when you arrive. We want to make sure no one feels alone in a place that should feel like home.
@paraj_mathur, @pivtapp im of the opinion that this would have been launched better if there was a waiting list rather than no one in 1000 miles (look at europe). I would suggest launching only in USA/Canada ITunes stores.
Steven Rueter
I like that you are making a go at this concept. I found that with Kindred, an app to connect you with friends of friends while traveling, the network effect hurdle is especially brutal. I wish you guys the best of luck.