Pivotal Tracker

The BEST agile management tool - Trello on crack!

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I was making a collection of products I actually use on a daily basis and searched for pivotal. It wasn't here yet. Can't believe it. Our team uses Pivotal not only for our agile software development management, but also to replace trello boards, basic CRM functionality, and much more. A hidden gem includes the ability to easily upload an image (iOS app) and annotate it with a drag and drop marker + comment to really increase productivity. If you're team is looking for or currently uses Trello for your software sprints, give pivotal a try. It is super information dense when needed yet almost a pleasure to look at from a high level status check POV. maybe I'm biased though...
@taylorhou Never been hunted?! Nice hunt! I live by PT. Not the easiest to pick up and push larger teams to use, especially for less tech-savvy people it can be overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it it's incredibly powerful.
@taylorhou - It works well for a team, once you've outgrown Trello. Trello works great for starting with one or two people, but once you have a solid team in place, you need the functionality and flow of Pivotal.
Better than Jira?
Thanks for hunting us! We've recently updated our iOS app to be friendlier on your scrolling finger and better organized; http://www.producthunt.com/posts....

At first I was shocked, at this moment I'm using PT as my first choice for almost 2 years.


Good Free plan. Easy to use. Friendly.


It's not good such as JIRA.