Pivot Seat

The perfect companion for your standing desk.

Clarinda Ellis
  • Clarinda Ellis
    Clarinda EllisLooking for Opportunities

    Very comfortable


    Not intended for all day sitting

    I use to sell similar, like them alot

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Wow I definitely need this...
Makes working "on my feet" possible even when I'm at a desk all day.
Seems pretty pricey though 😬
@bentossell Yea. Was expecting something closer to $149. I'd rather buy a standing desk for $279 than a "tall" chair.
We have a few of these in our office. The pad on our version is super uncomfortable. I ended up standing and never using it for the most part FWIW.
@andrewcohen, thanks for the feedback! The Pivot Seat is our brand new product, and we've actually updated the cushion design to enhance comfort. The new cushion is thicker than our previous seats and offers built-in sitz bone contours for plush support.
@molladair Good to know! I enjoyed the original one we have, but the cushion was definitely the down fall.
The pivot seat might seem weird but it works. We've got one at a standing desk in our coworking space and it gets a lot of use. Leaning against the seat keeps your legs engaged without tiring out your ankles or knees. Those ergo folks say that is the most important thing to prevent "death by sitting".